Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Summer Project: Research on Make an Animation Short with Music.

I was having a bit of trouble working on my animation short, thinking how it should begin, what happens in the middle and how should my short end while matching the music. So I decided to look at one of my favorite Fantasia shorts 'Rite of Spring', which is about the evolution of the planet earth starting with small life forms/amoebas and dinosaurs to the dinosaurs extinction and restarting the cycle of the planet.
Besides it's brilliant way of storytelling, since the theme of my short is about hunting, I mainly focus on how the dinosaurs look for food, hunting other dinosaurs and a conflicting moment between two dinosaurs while at the sametime matching the music. I also notice while watching the 'Rite of Spring', how it introduces the scenery when the music plays a calm tone and when the music plays a rapid beat the entire scenery goes through a rapid change.
The entire short as three parts: Genesis, Evolution and Extinction.


Genesis is about the creation of earth, how the planet went through changes.


Evolution shows the creation of life and how they survive through hunting other creatures or eating plants lives.


Extinction shows the dinosaurs living their last days on earth until they all die and the earth goes through another change.

Watching this short really helped out my problem of setting the scene and getting my idea to match the music. But if anyone knows other artistes who do these type of music videos please leave a comment.

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