Saturday, 25 September 2010

Characters Design part 2: Brainstorm

The tutor of the Character Design Lesson Justin Wyatt told the class we have to make three characters a Hero, a Villain and a Sidekick. I think the Sidekick can be either good or evil. And we need to design these characters around the theme that was given to us separately. I have Mutants and Steampunk and I really got into this theme.
When I was given my genre Mutant I instantly had an idea were mutants with powers are treated like gods and the mutants without powers are treated badly. Its a sort of mix between X-men mutants and Futurama mutants, in Futurama their mutants are horribly deformed but they don't have powers while in X-men their mutants have powers so it's obvious they would be treated better than the ones without powers.

My Brainstorm

I am still coming up with a story for my Mutant Steampunk genre.
I had thought of having the weaker mutants raise up against the stronger mutants but of cause they will have trouble. While at the sametime one of the powerful mutants is planing to destroy all the weaker mutants or remove the powers of the stronger mutants so he will be the only one with powers, and the hero has to try to stop his evil plan and try to get both sides to work together instead against each other.
Like I said I am still working on the idea for my story but the main theme is action so I will have to do some research on action cartoons in the 80s by watching them to see how the heroes handle the badguys and their evil plans what level of violence the cartoons are allowed to use and what type of image the Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks have in the cartoons.
I will also have to research the Steampunk side of my story, from scenery and landscape to vechiloe and the type of clothes they wear. I know I don't have to design a scenery but looking at them would help giving me some ideas of the type of condition the characters clothes and themselves would be in.

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