Saturday, 25 September 2010

Character Design part 3: Steampunk Research, Clothes

Few days ago I was researching on what is steampunk, it turns out its a type of fiction were people still relied on the power of steam and using it in different way like cars, air transport and robots. For some reason the clothes carries the nostalgia appearance of the 19th century and each outfits represent the type of job they have or status.
I have found a website that has shows different types of clothes for certain people like an explorer or an engineer but I need permission from the source to use the image so I will be using the LINK to get to the site and its pictures.

I have also found some Steampunk women clothes and they do have an interesting feature, mostly with the type of makeup they wear, the design of he skirts and blazer and how the women hats look alike with some differences.

I'll still be looking at more Steampunks clothes but widen my search to their cities, vehicles and accessories.

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  1. One important part of steampunk is the technology, research Victorian steam machinery etc. to get an idea of elements that can be incorporated into your designs. The best way to think of Steampunk is how todays technology would look if it were steam powered, so brass, smoke, wood, iron, copper etc are elements that you can use. The sky is the the limit in regards to what you can incorporate from bionics to weaponary but it must adhere to the Steampunk rationale. There is a lot of excellent examples of Steampunk design and a lot of bad as well, try to draw from the good as well as adding your own take on the genre.