Thursday, 26 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World, the movie

Yesterday night I went to the cinema with my friend to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and it was good. Even though me and my friend got there a little late, DAMN YOU TRAFFIC AND ROAD WORKS :(, we still enjoyed it though.

I will try to keep spoilers to a minamum but the main plot of the film is about Scott Pilgrim who falls instantly inlove with a girl name Ramona Flowers and the two of them started dating. However seven of Ramona's exes formed a team called The League of Evil Exes and their goal is to beat up Scott or anyone who will date Ramona (atleast that what I think, haven't read the book). And so to end up truly happy with Ramona Scott must defeat her seven evil exes.
Like I said the film was good and very different to other films because it uses game logic like winning coins when beating someone up, gaining 1-ups when reaching a certain high score, and using special abilities. However there is a down side to the film. The first few minutes are boring to the point of wishing that the film would be over, I don't know this happened because I was a bit late for the showing, but it does picks up with a bang. The way the effects are used are interesting, from sound effects like a telephone 'ring', a door bell 'ding, dong '. To big effects like fire balls, monster battle, and people turning into coins. And the way the fights are done are very clever and well choreographed. It also turns out that this film carries a message about taking responsibilities for your actions, and if anyone who watch this movie you will know what I mean.
In conclusion, if anyone can stand the long first act then this film can be very enjoyable.

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