Sunday, 26 September 2010

Character Design part 1

On Tuesday the 21st I had my first lession in character design. I was very good, the tutor had an interesting way of getting the class to come up with characters. He first picks a student, then uses some playing cards to repersent the type of character the student had to make. The characters I made was (1) a bat gorilla (which I soon learnt that I actually had to make a fat gorilla), (2) a pirate with rabies and (3) a goth inscet.
I think I have messed up one of my goth insect designs, made him look punkis. Sadly I can't show you my characters because I have missed place character sheet but when I do find it I will show you the characters or maybe have to recreate them from memory.
After that the tutor then gave each of us our character design homework for the remainder of the course. Mine is Steampunk Mutants.
I will explain my idea on the next post but yeah I actually like that cousre can't wait to see what we have to do next.

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