Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Final Project part 11: Finished Worm Model & Three Bird Wings Designs

Last night I have finally finished my worm character, I layed out it's UVs and fully rigged it.

Worm UV Map Layout

I have also created a special control for the worm so he can squash and stretch, here is a video that demonstrate it.

Creating the squash and stretch was not very hard to make in my opinion, because the way the control was done is the same way as creating the mouth blend shapes controls.

I have made three wings designs for my bird to see which one will be the right one for me to animate.

First Design

Second Design

Third Design

I did have a chat with Alan about the wing designs, and we descided to go with the third design because it looks like it would animate the way I want it to when compared to the other wings. The first design was too chunky and the second one has a big dip inside which would look odd when the bird is flying. So I am sticking with the third design, which seems to be a mix of the two.

Once that was settled I can now finally start focusing on finishing my bird :).

Also the other thing that is left to do is to name my worm, which I would like you to think up. I have thought of naming it Alan but lets see what names you guys can think up. You can even send in your name as well if you want, just don't write anything inappropriate. The winning name will be credited at the end of my animation.

1 comment:

  1. Already got some names for the worm

    Ethan: Woggle

    Matthew: Kenny, Neal, Daniel, Shahbir

    Shahbir: Wormy