Sunday, 1 April 2012

Final Project part 12: Worm Blend Shapes

As mentioned in my previous post I have finished my worm character and I thought I would post the blendshapes that I will be using for my worm. They range from mouth motions to the two shapes his body will take when squishing and stretching.
 Worm Blendshapes

Worm's Mouth Motion: Aaa, I

Worm's Mouth Motion: Eee

Worm's Mouth Motion: Uuu, W

Worm's Mouth Motion: O

Worm's Mouth Motion: Fff, Vvv

Worm's Mouth Motion: B, Mmm
Soon I am going to make a video reference where I will lip sync the words to Kenny Neal's song 'Baby Bee', this is so when I watch the video I can then use the appropriate mouth belndshapes on my worm to make it more accurate to the lyrics to the song. However if I notice a mouth shape I do not have on my worm then I will quickly make it. When making the lip sync video I will try to make the mouth motions very exaggerated for a nice comedic effect which will be good for when my worm singing.

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