Sunday, 18 March 2012

Final Project part 11: Bird 3D Model

Here is the latest update on my work progress. During last week I have started modelling my bird and I just recently finished him. Modelling the bird was actually very hard, because he has more parts than the worm and they were very tricky to make. Although I am very glad on how he looks, but I think I need Alans opinion on the way my bird is modelled. Mainly on his wings because Alan and I had a discussing on how to animate my bird's wings, from folded around the birds body to spread out. He advise me to model the wings folded around the body first, then when I see him he will help me to make my wings operational.

The next image shows what the body looked like without the details on the body. I thought this would be interesting to show because it really is surprising how much better it looks with the extra details applied the birds body.

Bird Body Mesh Not Detailed

Bird Complete Mesh

Bird Complete Mesh Wire

Bird Body Mesh Detailed

Bird Body Mesh Wire

Bird Top Beak Mesh

Bird Top Beak Mesh Wire

Bird Bottom Beak and Tongue Mesh

Bird Bottom Beak and Tongue Mesh Wire

Bird Foot Mesh

Bird Foot Mesh Wire

Here is my bird's wing that I need Alan assistance on. In my opinion it looks fine but I do not know if the wing will work well when my bird spreads it. I have an idea on how I will make the wing looks like it is spreading but I think I need to ask Alan's help on this one.

Bird Wing Mesh

Bird Wing Mesh Wire

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  1. Great stuff, Shahbs - keep it up, keep going... :)