Friday, 13 January 2012

Self Initiated Project part 15: Toon Shade Tests and Final Renders

During the Christmas holidays I was finishing up on a few things on my animation.
Fist I started with setting the type of material shade for my character and the objects. I used the sofa to be my test subject because it was one of the first models I have made. The following images are not the final choices but tests to get the right amount of shade I was going for.

Once I have decided on the the material I then applied the material to my character and the rest of the remaining objects.
I also created the final design of my character and the costumes he will be wearing in my animation. Only one I had to change which was the fighter costume, I first image shows off his first rubbish bag gi. Although the crinkles where good, they would not show up when using the toon out line render. I then had to remake the gi and make the crinkle textures.


Fighter: Old Gi

Fighter: New Gi




Box Sword

Box Dragon


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