Friday, 27 January 2012

Final Project part 1: ideas

With the minor project finished, it is now time to come up with ideas for the final project. I had though of some ideas that I would like to make for my final project.
The first idea was about a hunter going in the woods hunting for a creature, however he is attacked by a bear. The hunter and the bear fought for a bit until the hunter found his gun and shot the bear. The main focus of the film was to make the hunter a victim of the bear's attack, while in reality it was the other way around. The entire conflict between the bear and the hunter is also being observed by a small bear cub. the small cub also plays as the narrator of the short film. This idea was not meant to show people as monsters but was meant to be a sad story that ends with a bear's death.
The second idea is set in the computer world. We have the main character, who is an anti-virus, fighting a group of viruses. He does this until he is up against the boss of all the viruses. Here it could end in cliffhanger or a 'to be continued' because I felt if I chose this idea it would be too long to finish that at most the fight between the anti virus and the group of viruses will take up most of the films timeline.
If I were to reference this to anything it would be the two Tron films and the tv series Reboot, because they both focuses on the world of computers. With a computer programme or virus causing trouble. The character designs would resemble that of cyber puck to give a futuristic techy look.
The final idea I had was to do another music transcription, because I want to give this another shot. Of course I need to look for non copyrighted/free to use music and it will be tricky to select a definite choice, so when I see Phil I hope he can give me some advice on this. I will also ask Matthew about this as well since in his last animation the music he used was free to use.

These are the ideas I have got so far and if non of them works then I will try and brainstorm some more.

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