Friday, 20 January 2012

Self Initiated Project Finale: Finished animation

'The story is about a gamer who decides to act out the fantasies as video game characters from different genres, however his fantasy does not go to plan...'

This is the complete animation of my minor project in the third year for UCA, I am actually pleased of how it turned out, but I can see that there are still room for improvements. This animation was very hard to make, mainly on how to make my character's movements feel natural. I was actually worried that I would not be able to finish it before the deadline, well I have shown me that I can do it. Hopefully I can pull it off on the next project.


  1. this is great!!! very well done shahbir!

  2. I know, I know - you're half-dead from exhaustion and you're in a comatose slumber and the very last thing you want to think about is the 'National Student Survey' - but this is me gently nudging you towards its completion. In truth, the NSS is really important, so when you're properly awake (and only then!) - check out the link below and do your bit for the 'bigger picture' - much appreciated and many thanks.

    and when you're done, can you leave a 'done it' post on the blog post above. Cheers.

  3. what no comment on my work phil?