Saturday, 14 August 2010

Summer Project part 2: Story and Character Development

During the week I was brain storming on the type of story to make using the music that was given to me. My first idea was to have a group of people being attack by shadowy figures. I posted his idea on my blog and Phil responded saying that rigging people was a bit too tricky so make something simple but interesting. He gave me some examples but on of them stand out the most which was shapes hunting shapes.

I really thought this was a good starter since shapes will have a lot of character and can be very lively if done right. But instead of having different shapes chasing each other I thought why not have a small circle being chased by a big circle being chased by an even bigger circle. And each of them look slightly different, the big circle could have eyebrows while the even bigger circle have spikes. This idea came to me when I was talking to my brother he pointed out that my idea sort of resembles pac man when he is eating the small balls.

I thought of the first act and the second act but the third act is giving me some trouble. The first act starts with the small circle looking for food. During its search the small circle found an object thinking it was food but it was really a rock so the circle threw it, the rock hit a sleeping big circle. The big circle then woke up and looked around it self to see what hit it and saw the small circle.

This opens the second act with the big circle sneaking up on the small circle so it can eat it, but the small circle notice the big circle and run away with the big circle chasing it. The big circle chased the small circle to a cliff, the small circle jumped down it and ran some more until it hit a dead end. Here the big circle finally cornered the small circle, it then opened its mouth while the small circle was shivering in terror.

Here is when the third act starts and I was having difficulty in deciding on how to end it. The first idea for the third act was to have the big circle lunged at the small circle but the small circle dodge out of the way and the big circle ends up missing and bit the wall. The big circle ends up getting stuck, the small circle then makes it's leave but not before mocking the big circle by throwing a rock at it.

The second idea had the same approach with the big circle lunging at the small circle and the small circle dodging out of the way which got the big circle biting the wall but the big circle wasn't stuck this time and got it self out of the wall. However in reality the wall was actually an even bigger circle. The bigger circle then had it's sights on the big circle and started chasing it. The small circle was decided to carry on it's search to look for some food. Lucky for it there was some food next to it and started eating happily with the camera fading out.

The last idea for the third act has the big circle lunging at the small circle and just when it was about to eat the small circle, the area around them just closed. It turned out the two of them landed in an opened mouth of an even bigger circle. The bigger circle then started munching and went back to it's opened mouth position. with the camera zooming out we see more bigger circles some in their opened mouth position and some eating other circles that landed in their mouths then returning to their opened mouth position.

And that all of the different endings I actually think the last one has more of a surprise to it, with an even bigger circle finishing of the two characters.

Here I was designing my three circle characters starting with the small circle. I decided to use to circles one that can open it's mouth and one that doesn't. Next I have layered out how I would rig my small circle character. It's arms are actually separate from the the main circle it's self so I don't have to model them and it will be easy having them in their position while changing the body.

Next I was designing the two big circles. I used pac man as a reference to see where the mouth is located and how big it should open. I also gave them some eyebrows to make them look different form the small circle. The eyebrows are also a separate mesh from the the main body so they can move more easily.

And that's all I have been doing this week, if anyone sees this please leave some feedback one my idea.


  1. the ending with the biggest shape eating the big shape is the one to go for - but, while there are clear and obvious similarities between your idea and pacman etc. you've got to move it in a different direction in order to innovate and ensure your work is distinct. There is NO point to recreating a Pacman-like character - even if you paint it with multi-coloured spots and give it Ray-bans, it's STILL Pacman by another name. So, essentially you're telling a food-chain story (i.e. there's always something bigger than you that will eat you) - I think you DO need to think about more complex characters for this - but think of them in terms of simple shapes; you might want to do some proper research into food-chains - for instance, plankton...

  2. I will do that thanks for the feedback Phil