Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Summer Project: The Music

For the summer project I must make something that suits the music that was given to me. It can be a story, a character, an environment, anything that suit the music. The file that was given to me was soundscape 30.
Here is the sound track if you want to listen to it.

At first I thought it has a sense of thriller, but while listening to the music carefully I felt it carries more of a hunting theme, so I decided to focus on that.
The first idea was to make my own predator (not the one in the movies) that was snake like or any creature that moves silently and strike in a manner that makes the prey scared, since at points in the music had a gentle elegant tone mostly near the beginning of the music and ends with loud music which carries a conflicting tone.

But while listening to the music I then started to get visions of people camping in the jungle around a camp fire. Only to get picked off one by one by unknown predators. I know it sound over used but that was the feeling I got from the music. The predators are actually shadowy figures while the people are either hunters themselves or poachers or maybe just a group of people carrying weapons. This story ends with the last person escaping and the shadowy figures following him. The figures grab the person and drags him back to the pack, the figures then finishes the person off screen.

Another idea was to have a tribe of people hunting animals actually show how the tribe watches it's prey before they strike. The setting for this story was set in the days when the woolly mammoths were still alive and the mammoths are the victims while the tribes are the hunters.

I like the idea with the people beginning hunted by the shadowy figures, and the one with the tribe hunting animals. I'm still deciding on which one I should follow. If anyone reading this please send some feedback.


  1. Hey Shahbs - I think you're right about the hunting element to this music; but you need to be very realistic; the idea you describe has 'people' in it, and I'd suggest that 'people' represents a technical challenge that far outstrips the time and proficiency available for this project. I urge you to think in more simple and condensed terms; for instance, if it's a hunting idea, what is hunting what? It doesn't have to be human, does it? It could be red shapes hunting blue shapes; it could be shadows hunting light; it could be cones hunting spheres. I hope you get my point; the music conveys stealth and strategy and it grows in urgency and menace as it progresses. I think you need to think about pure story-telling and clever use of simple sets etc. For instance, imagine that your hunting story takes place deep in the inky black waters of the ocean, where simple life-forms are preyed upon by more complex life-forms? Perhaps the life-forms are bioluminescent, for example to give you a strong visual style (but lots of negative space).

    Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXl8F-eIoiM

    Shahbs - be bold, but keep it simple and achievable and play to your strengths!

  2. I was also thinking about this too...