Sunday, 14 March 2010

Unit 5 Story Telling 3: My Storyboard and my Character Expression

For the past few days I was making the storyboard for my character, as well as making some hands expressions.
I came up with two ideas for my animation. The first story is about my glove getting hit by lots of footballs.

The first idea starts with the glove going to the goal, it looks around in a confident fashion. Suddenly a ball just came at it in a fast speed. The glove was startled and saw more balls coming at it. The glove then duck and waited until the barrage of footballs stop flying at it. The glove then nervously peeked to see if everything was clear. So when the glove thought everything was okay one last football hits it. The glove then froze, then faints.

When I came up with the I of having my glove being attacked by balls I didn't think where it will take place or why are there balls being fired at the glove. This could take place at football practice, I don't know.

Story idea 2 takes place at a football stadium. Its the penalties and the glove has to defend the goal. However his opponent is the best football shoe around. The shoe is too confident in it's skills but the shoe gave the glove a threatening stare which scares the glove. The shoe then then gets ready to kick the ball, which is sleeping, and the shoe is powering up the kick the glove is panicking like there's no tomorrow. The shoe then kicks the ball with full force and the glove takes cover. Moments later the glove peeked to see if everything is okay. The glove then started to look for the ball, but when it looks up behind it, the ball is soaring through the sky while saying weee at the sametime.

This idea was meant to be like a dumb luck story, where someone is the best kicker ever while the other is the unlucky victim, only to have the unlucky victim to be the victor of the competition. I like this story a lot because of the funny suspense where the football shoe gets prepared to kick the ball with full force only to miss. Plus I also gave the football some life, being unaware of the situation only to get kicked and enjoying it as well.

The next lot of sketches are of my hand, to drew it at different angles. I also did some thumb nails sketches to see what the emotions would look like if the hand can produce some. The emotions consist with terror, happy, sad, worried, excited and thinking in that order. also on the first sketch I did some different versions of how a hand would look like it was terrified of something.

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