Friday, 26 March 2010

Unit 5 animation: my glove scared of it's own shadow P.S For Phil

My next story idea was to have my glove scared of it's own shadow.
Act 1 of my first three act story idea of this concept Starts with my glove sleeping, only to be disturbed by a light that's shines on it.
Act 2 my glove gets up yawns a bit and turns around, only to see its own shadow. The gloves own shadow looks like a monster, the glove screams out of fear. The glove runaway only to hit a box.
Act 3 on top of the box was a torch. When the glove hit the box the torch rolled off and lands on the glove. The torch then still rolled off.

When I thought of this idea it sort of okay but I still felt it could do a bit better.

Act one of my second idea for my concept starts with my glove wondering around the room it was in, until it notice a torch. The glove then decided to investigate the torch.
Act 2 While examining the torch, the glove accidentally turned it on. The light from the torch was facing the glove and it blinded it. The glove dropped the torch so it the glove can tend to it's eyes. When the touch the ground it was still facing the glove. The glove turned around so it won't see the light that's coming from the torch. One the glove can see again, it saw it's own shadow, the shadow looked like a monster.
Act3 the glove screamed out of fear that it ran away in the direction of the torch. The glove tripped over the torch and fell off screen. This made the torch spinned around. When the torch stopped spinning it was facing the audience. The light from the torch then turned off.

I actually like this idea a lot more then the first idea. I was aiming to treat my glove as a creator that was curious of it's own surroundings. I also know that gloves don't have eye's but I thought it would be a bit funny that something that has no eyes gets blinded. I have shown this idea to Meg after class and she told me it started out fine but the way it ended treated the torch like it was the main character while it should be the glove we should be focusing. If Phil sees this I hope he could help me a bit on my story idea.

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