Saturday, 20 March 2010

I'm Here - A Love Story in an Absolut World

While I was surfing on the Internet I came across a trailer for a short film. When I finished watching it, the film has interested me.
The name of the film is 'I'm Here, A Love Story in an Absolute World'. The film was made by Spike Jonze.

The film is what the title describes, it's a love story, but with robots.
The film focuses on the relationship between the two main characters Sheldon and Francesca. Two robots who are completely different from one another. Sheldon is a shy quite character who works as a Liberian. While Francesca is lively and energetic who is a maid. When Sheldon meets Francesca he then started to be more lose with himself. However there have been a lot of bumps along their relationship, but that only brings the two closer.

It's a cute little movie about love and how far someone would go to be with that person. However I can't help but think that this film has a more deeper meaning to it. An example would be when Sheldon and Francesca are out to a rock consert. When the two of them where having so much fun, Francesca has lost her arm. When Sheldon learnt about this he then gave her his arm. Another event that happen's in the film is when Francesca lost her leg. Sheldon then decided to give his leg to her, but Francesca said no. When I saw Francesca slowly breaking appart I can't help but think that she was meant to repersent the free spirit who is actually very ill. And Sheldon is the supportive boyfriend who would give an arm and a leg to keep her alive so the two of them would be happy longer.
Like I said this film is cute and sweet. If you want to watch the film here's the link, don't know how long it will last thought. Also the website made like a cinema so there is a wating time for the next showing.

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