Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sorry for the Major Delay of Posts.

Hey everyone hope you are enjoying the new year. Sorry I wasn't blogging for roughly the past two months but I do have a good reason.
Near the end of November to the beginning of January I actually had two jobs one at Odeon and one at Sainsbury's and let me tell you it was hard working at both jobs. Luckily Odeon was temporary so I only had to last for one month. However I am on probation at Sainsbury's so I won't know if they want me to work there permanently until, I believe, in March.
I won't lie it was very hard working at both places, mostly trying to balance my rota so I can try to work at both jobs. There were times that I wanted to quit , mainly during the first week because I had to be in at both Odeon and Sainsbury's on the same day but not the same time. However I suck it up and tried my best to work at both companies and it was worth it because now I will have some money which I will use to upgrade my PC.
I haven't upgraded my PC yet because I still need more MONEY, wow I sound like Scrooge before he changed.
Even though I left Odeon I will miss working with the employees there because they were fun, Sainsbury's employees are fun too it just I won't meet the employees at Odeon as much as I want, unless I want to watch a film lol.

Have you guys worked at two or more jobs before let me know as for me it's back to posting on my blog from once every two weeks/month. So until next post take care.

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