Sunday, 2 February 2014

Shub-Work 02: New Albert Animatic *Update*

*Edited the video so it will play on mobile phones and in higher quality*
Here is the latest version of my Albert animatic, sorry it took so long to finish it. I only changed the intro so the short will be more interesting to watch. Leave some feedback so I will know what you think.

Here are the old ones if you want to see a comparison of how much of a different there is when compared to the old animatics and the newset one.

Now all that's left is to make the short and give my short a better title.

I might need to ask help on how to make a control to select all the controls on the character's rig so I can key them all at once *cough* Alan and Ethan Shillings*cough* lol.


  1. The simplest way to select all the controls in your rig is to use selection sets.
    In your character rig file:
    1. Select all the controls manually.
    2. Then go to 'Create' -> 'Sets' -> 'Quick Select set...'
    3. Give it a name and add to shelf.

    Then when you import/reference your rig into your animation scenes you will be able to select all controls simply by clicking on the shelf button.
    *Note that it adds an 'objectSet' node in the Outliner.

    It is important that you create the selection set in the rig file before importing the rig into your scenes as the shelf button relies on the 'objectSet' node being connected to the controls, which means it cannot be imported separately afterwards.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you Ethan this help a lot, if i have anymore questions i will ask you through skype :)