Friday, 22 March 2013

Speed Paint Challenge: Speed Paint 2 version 4

Here is the forth and final remake of Speed Paint 2. I felt this was more towards the feelings I had when listening to the music 2; a burst of sad, emotional destruction. In a weird way it moves me, and I am not the type of person who likes being depressed but I am the type that likes music that gives me different unexpected feeling. The circles are meant to represent the destruction while the hoops meant to represent the long anticipation to the climactic BOOM. Again the use of red and yellow are meant to show danger with a hit of orange to give it a bit of variety.

This is the last painting I will make for the Speed Painting Challenge, like I mentioned in my last post. After this I will then work twice as hard on my own work and I will start posting them here as well on my deviant art page and sometimes on facebook. Taking part on this challenge was really fun I enjoyed it a lot and it really did spark my creative side once again. Lets hope I will be more active on this blog :).
So until my next post, which hopefully won't be too long, take care everyone.

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