Thursday, 21 March 2013

Speed Paint Challenge: Painting 2 remake

I was able to get in contact with Phil, my old uni tutor, and he informed me that the Speed Paint Challenge only has 10 music pieces and we can do as many versions of the digital painting based around one music as many times as we want.
With that in mind I decided to remake the only painting that I did not like the most, Speed Paint 2.

Speed Paint 2

As mentioned before I did not like this painting at all because it didn't represent the music I was listening. I believe most of the problem came from me painting this picture late at night.
So when I heard that we can make as many versions of a digital painting based around one music as many times as we want, I thought that remaking this specific painting would be perfect.
When re-listening to the music It gave me chills, it starts of gentle with a steady beat then BOOM an explosion of sound that gave me the feeling of destruction or burst of energy or an end of something, then the music slowly quiets down.
The next two pictures represents the booming part of the music.

Speed Paint 2 version 2

 Speed Paint 2 version 3

Both pictures represents the booming part of the music because it feels so powerful, scary and emotional. I felt the red and yellow really give it the sense of danger and an idea of level of heat.
I might make a forth one even though these two a good I feel like making another one.

Well that's all I have made so far, I really have to thank Phil for bringing this challenge to my attention and thanks to him I feel creative all over again. I decided when I make the forth version of Speed Paint 2 I will then work on my own things again and this time I will not get too lazy until I feel like I deserve it.
Thanks Phil your awesome :)


  1. Nice to see you posting again Shahbir.

  2. It's good to be creating again :)

  3. These are really impressive ideas about painting. You have touched some fastidious points here.