Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Final Project part 18: Bird Food Blues... Pre-vis Collection part 2 and First Image Render

Here is the latest update for my project. I have made some more pre-vis videos and some scene test renders.
The first pre-vis is an update animation on the worm singing inside the bird. This time his tail moves, it is meant to represent a finger/foot tapping to the beat of the music. I actually had trouble doing this, as mentioned on the group blog the entire worm is mainly controlled by the tip of the worms tail. However I was able to resolved this (with some help) by using the bend deformer for the tail. I won't lie this was actually tricky but I was able to get it done. I am pround of the out come but when I have time I will come back and fix this.

The second pre-vis is the second part of scene seven for my animation where we the worm actually singing to the bird. Here I am trying to get the head movements matching the rhythm to the music as well as have both characters interacting with each other. This is what I have got so far, I am almost done just need to get the bounciness of the bird's head right because to me it still feels off.

Also here are some test renders for my animation, I was using highlights to my animation look more interesting when rendered. The first image was just applying the highlights to the body and the wing for the bird while the second image has all the objects in my scene except the ground and sky having the highlight applied to them.

Image 01

 Image 02

This is all I have to show so far, so until next time have a nice day.

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