Saturday, 5 May 2012

Final Project part 17: Bird Food Blues... Pre-vis Collection

Here are some pre-vis scenes from my animation. The first scene has the camera panning to the right and we see the bird trying to pluck the worm from the ground. The second scene is a whole body shot were the bird finally pulled the worm from the ground. The third scene carry's on from the second scene where we see the bird eating the worm, however he suddenly hears a noise and started to look for the source. The forth scene has the bird finding the source. The fifth scene has an inside shot where we see the worm singing inside the bird. The sixth scene has the bird rising up with a surprise look, and finally the seventh has bird still surprised and started to look around in confusing.

Getting the movements feeling natural was very challenging mostly trying to make my bird life like. However I still feel like there are some room for improvements. I believe this is when I really need some helpful criticisms so if any fells have some good advice to make my animation better then please let me know. Also I know my worm needs some life to his tail but his rig is kind of messy so I need some help on that.

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