Monday, 16 April 2012

Final Project part 14: Tree Design and Bird Texture

Here are some tree designs for my background in my animation. The type of tree I was trying to design was a simplistic version of the very tall trees in a field or forest that have a pointy/triangular appearance. I started drawing a slightly realistic tree without the leaves then I simplified it. The last image has the type of trees I want but I still need to work on it more, the next thing to do is to try and design what the tree looks like up close.

Next are the two birds finally textured. The two textures are based off the colour schemes I chose for my two birds, it was actually challenging to make their textures. I had to make an outline around the UV image with the pen tool then use the paint bucket tool to fill in the colour. It sounded easy but it is not, because I had to make sure the colours are not clashing with each other and try to have the outlines around the feet not looking badly made.

With all of the textures done I can start animating my short, at the same time I will also try to make some trees and a worm whole.


  1. well done, Shahbs! Look forward to catching up with you soon :)

  2. Worm name, Andriana: Elvis

    Kayleigh: Stevey Wormer

  3. hello!

    this is really great.
    do you have any tutorials? i so would like to know how you did that step for step.
    or where one could download this file?
    please, you would help me a lot if you could help in any way!

    thank you very much in advance.