Monday, 8 August 2011

Maya Tutorial: Finished Car Model

As you know for the past few weeks I was finishing up some of my old maya tutorials. The next tutorial I was finishing up was the car modelling tutorial. I carried it on where I first left it

The first image shows off the roof and the front window I had made for the car, I made it out of a cube and reshaped it too resemble the roof. For the window I just separated it from the front of the cube and edit it to look like the front window.

Image 2 to 10 shows off the details I have added to the car like extra bumper details, licence plate, front radiator, front and back badges and head lights, door handles and side mirrors.
When I started adding the details to the car I really hand no idea how tough it was, so this was actually a good learning experience for me when understanding the amount of work that goes in to making the body of the car.

The final part of the car tutorial is to make the wheel for it. Funny enough this felt quite easy to do when compared to the other parts I have done for the car.

When I finally finished making the car it felt like a huge weight came off my shoulders since I left this to last for a very long time.
With this tutorial done I can now start on the very last one of the second year which is finishing my cartoon character.

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