Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Transcription part 3: Research

I was researching objects and characters that I felt will help me with my Transcription animation.
The character I looked at for inspiration for appearance is Wimpy from Popeye. Even though technically he is not a drunk he is just a man looking for someone to buy him a burger today and he will pay them back on Tuesday, his appearance carries a drunk like expression I was looking for. His face always smiling and his eyes closed and always looked relaxed.


What I also notice when researching Wimpy is that I need to use some cloth deformers to give his clothes a sense of baggyness which will prove a bit of a challenge for me but it won't stop me from animating my character.

As mentioned in my previous post I imagine the setting of my short in a theater so i have research what a theater stage looks and also I have looked at a door prop ofr just a door since that too plays a role in my short.
Theater Stage


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