Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Transcription part 2: New Idea: The Drunk(working on title)

After talking to Phil about me using the music O Fortuna, he told me that the music has already been used by many people to death. However he liked the idea of using music as a way to describe a character, so he suggested some music I could use for my transcription.
There was one piece of music that really caught my attention which is Camille Saint Saens' 'Carnival of the Animals, The Elephant'

When I heard this music I'd imagined a drunk, dopely getting home. During his journey he topples left and right, dances a bit as well and mistakenly believes that some objects are people. Also he is wearing a hat that might sometimes blow off.
The purpose of this animation is just focusing on the character for his silliness and movement and the type of facial expression he makes.
I also imagine this as a pantomime where the Drunk has a spot light on him and he sometimes interacts with the audience by approaching them with a smile and going back on his path.
The entire animation is silent the only noise is the music playing.
It will end with the Drunk getting home safe and sound. He will have some trouble opening the door like putting the key in the key hole. When he finally opens the door he does one last goodbye and closes the door.
The breaking the forth wall aspect is meant to be subtle, as in he does these actions that implies that he knows he is being watched by us but in reality he doesn't.
Leave feedback if you think this is a good idea, and leave some comments on how I should approach this idea.

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