Friday, 10 December 2010

Maya Tutorial part 6: The Cartoon Character Head

For the past few weeks I was finishing most of the Head tutorials for my Maya Cartoon Character.

Head Stage one

On stage one I have to make the general shape of the head. This is meant to show the main spots of the head like the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and getting it prepared to be improved in the future.

Head Stage two

Stage two is about improving the head of the character by adding details to the eyes' by making an eyelid. Defining the lips of the character, shaping out the nose and adding the ears and shaping them out two. Also cleaning up the head a bit more.

Head Stage two and a half

The third stage is about adding hair to the character. This was quite difficult to do because I had to make sure the hair is connected to the head as well giving it it's own shape. The last bit of the model to make is his eyebrows and add the head to the body.

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