Friday, 10 December 2010

Maya Tutorial part 5: Army General and Generic Male finished models

Here are the finished models of the Army General and the Generic Male. These two characters are made for mine, Ruben, Ethan and Chris' short trailer called The Invisible Cannibals From Beyond the STARS! I followed the Maya Cartoon Character tutorial to help me in building the two characters from making their bodies part to building their heads. Of course I had to make them slightly different from what the tutorial was showing me because I was using different turnarounds. The longest model to make was the Generic Male because he has more accessories than the General, mostly his jacket was the difficult part to make because it was long. The only hard bits on the General was his trousers and his hat. His trousers was difficult to make because I had to make them baggy and not too tight on the general. While his hat I had to make it resemble more of a general's hat because the first hat I made for him look like a block, but once I finally got them done I was very please of the outcome. Of course there are some bad geometry on the general but I will get back to it and fix it.
Here are the characters, starting with the Army General and ending with the Generic Male.

Army General

Generic Male

The reason the Generic Male has no hands is because I had to give him the Ethan so he can add them in, I could of done it but we are trying to find ways to help us work better and faster so we can get the trailer done.

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