Wednesday, 14 July 2010

What did I do Today 1

Today I went to my old GP to do a blood test. I reason why I went to do a blood test is because lately I am having trouble eating food even when I am very hungry I just can't eat my food properly. Actually just thinking about food makes me sick, I don't like it :(. It's been going on for a long time so I went to my old GP last week to see what was wrong, they don't know yet so they gave me some pills that could settle it and ask me to book a for the 14 of July (today), but getting the blood sample wasn't the hard part it was the fasten I had to do yesterday. I couldn't eat all day I was very hungry but I had water to fill me up since that was the only thing I could have. The strange thing is even when I was super hungry I still find food unappealing. I'm worried. So when the nurse took my blood sample she said I might get my results next Monday.
Lets hope it's nothing serious.


  1. I second that, Shahbs! Email me when you get some news (not sure the whole world needs to know about your health issues though!)