Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Unit 2: Street Project

For the past two weeks I was finishing up one of my long over due works, the Maya street project.
I first finish making the building. The only problem I had making the building was laying out the UVs. Some of the UVs where a bit bigger than expected so I had to layer them out differently, other than that the rest went fine.

Next was the lamp post. I really thought the tutorial for this one was helpful in learning about the different uses of the cylinder UV planner and plane UV planner.

Next was the railing. I have learnt some short cuts in duplicating objects without keep on laying out the UVs by laying out the UVs of one object first then duplicating it.

Next is the fire hydrant. Nothing much here its just a combination between the two tutorials of the lamp post and the railing. My only complaint is that the big front pipe of the fire hydrant doesn't look like it is merged to the body.

The last image shows the finished product of all of my tutorials in unit 2, I am so glad I was able to finish this tutorial:), now to work on the others :(.

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