Thursday, 22 July 2010

Unit 3: Camera Rig and Texture Tutorials

Finally finished all of Maya Unit 3 Tutorials.
I began doing the camera rig tutorial first since it was very easy to do.
The purpose of the camera rig is to give it more of a real camera feel with its panning, pitch and roll movement. I have also added a third grid and a diagonal grid to the camera so I can plan out the shots better.

The next tutorial I have finished is texturing a treasure chest and adding a background to it. This tutorial goes in more detail in texturing a model, by giving it some colour, making a bump map for a rough surface and adding a spectral map to show which parts needs to be shiny.
The images are layed out to show the order of how i textured the treasure chest scene, first the ground, map, coins, and jewels. Next was the barrel, then the treasure chest and finally the background.

The final tutorial shows more different ways of texturing models with only mayas own materials by mix and editing them. All four of the tutorials show the many uses of the ramp node, from changing the colour of a model to how see through it can be. The first images shows the blood cell texture. I made it by using a cloud texture for the inside and out side of the blood cell and adding a cloud bump map. The second image shows one plane with two textures. When texturing a model in maya both of it's sides will have the same texture so the tutorial of the second image shows how to give an object two different textures on both of it's sides. The third image shows water droplets. Basically the tutorial shows how to make a more realistic water droplets by making the model transparent and shiny. The last two images shows an xray material. The reason there are two images is to show the different lighten of the xray one darker and one lighter. This is to show an example of a glow for an xray.

I haven't posted the fur tutorials because I have already posted them on my blog.

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