Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Finished three Rigging tutorials: Skinning Rig, Weight Painting Rig & Binding Rig

I finally finished all three of the main rigging tutorials.

The first tutorial was the Skinning Rig. This rigging techniques uses the components to assign the vertexes to a chosen joint by adding, if the influence was subtracted then the influence would be set to a different joint at random.
Second tutorial was the Weight Paint Rig. This is used to set the amount of influence to a joint in more detail by painting and setting how much influence the joint should have.
The last tutorial was the Binding Rig. The binding rig is used for deforming when something (like a finger) bends or having a bicep to grow when flexing you muscles.
Out of all the rigs I would mostly use the weight paint because of how I can set how much influence a joint should have and have a nice bend on a limb.

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