Friday, 16 August 2013

An update on my blog.

Hey guys sorry I haven't been on my blog forever just got massively distracted by things *cough* games *cough*. Anyway to those who don't know what happened on my trip here's the sort version. It was fun, enjoyed Anime Expo, ten times better then London Expo. Thinking of going to Anime Expo again but the trip is pretty pricey so I don't know.

Next I am going to talk about the future of my blog, I am thinking of turning this into a drawing blog where I will post some drawings once every two weeks or month. Hopefully this will give me something to do as well improving on drawing skills.

To start things off here is my first fanart of one of coolest Street Fighter characters Vega.

Vega Fanart by ~Shub125 on deviantART

I actually made this to get signed by one of his voice actors. I drew him in my style for fun, I did get some advice from friends on shading him in photoshop and how to ink him nicely. Adding in details to his gold bands and tattoo was also fun.

This is what I got so far, I am planning to make some more so take a look at my blog once in a while.
Take care and have a nice day, also leave some feedback to let me know on what to improve on.

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