Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Maya Tutorial: Mental Ray Renders Unit 3 part 1

The unit 3 Maya tutorial has a bit more variety. The first part of the unit 3 tutorial teaches displacement maps. Displacement maps acts like bump maps but actually reshape the mesh. The next few images shows different ways of using displacement maps. The first two images shows different ways of applying a displacement map while the next three images shows the many uses of adding displacement maps to a mesh.

Displacement Map

The second part of the unit 3 tutorial explain the usefulness of final gathering. They are used to calculate on which areas get more light and which areas doesn't which can be helpful if you feel that a certain area is not getting enough light or shade.


Final Gather Points

Final Render

The last part of the unit 3 tutorial is global illumination, which is adding the right amount of light in a room to give it and producing a ray of light out of a window or any hole.

Global Illumination

All of the tutorials are very helpful in giving me ideas in rendering out scenes for my animation.


  1. great to see you cranking out these tutorials, Shahbs - it's all good :D